Video – GTA Gymkhana One

This was a fun project to work on. It is a machinima video created in Grand Theft Auto’s movie creator. It is intended to match the style of real-life Gymkhana videos by Ken Block’s racing team (these can be found on Youtube).

In addition to heavy art asset creation (logos) and video effects work (clip transitions, animated title plates) the video also required heavy audio processing. I added many sounds and effects to the footage. Some of these were to substitute for sounds that did not exist in Grand Theft Auto (such as running over grates, some tyre squealing); others were non-diagetic sound to accentuate certain moments, such as slow-motion sequences and title sequences.

I used sound clips sourced from websites listed in the videos’ credits. I had to balance the audio of these clips throughout the video, and made use of compressors and EQs to manage audio levels.
Below are screenshots of the audio tracks in the editing software. Visible are audio FX plugins, audio envelopes, transitions, and gain controls.




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