Digital Rift

S13-like car turnaround

Digital Rift / D-Rift


D-Rift is a really small but pretty driving game I helped to create as part of a 5-man team for my university’s game dev topic. The objective is to earn points via sliding with some questionable car physics. I helped to create a lot of the 3D assets and the core car/driving code.

You can download and play the game here:

As a uni project, the group of us decided to tackle something that was straightforward but interesting, so we chose an arcade-style drifting game, with a heavy dose of 80s synthwave arcadey style popularised recently by Myrone and Kung Fury and Delkoduck’s work and similar things like that. It’s a popular style right now and straightforward to put together, and it got our group all talking on the same page. I did want to model the handling of the car much more in depth than Drift Stage does, so that’s what we focused on (aside from project development in general).

During the project I also learned:
– How to 3D model cars from scratch
– How to model the physics of cars from scratch
– rendering and texturing techniques
I’m really proud of this one. It taught me a lot and I got to step into a project management role which is something I hadn’t done before. I’d also never attempted those vehicle physics before, especially from scratch.

I really enjoyed the topic! I’m very proud that we made something so nice.

Full team credits: Me (3D, art, gameplay scripting), Francis Martinez (3D, art, audio), Daniel Steven (audio, UI and systems scripting), Ben Hall (concept art), Leigh Salvemini (UI art).

The project is so legit that we even have concept art and screens, so for now I’ll fill the rest of this page with that good stuff. 🙂

Concept art and early previs
11040112_1016689631692298_793909992_n concept art concept art1 conceptu3_FILTERS!! Start Menu (revamp)

Car test renders and finals (I made these!)
NSX-style car model, front and back
car car2

S13-style model, front render

NSX renders, full texture

Final turnarounds for both cars
S13-like car turnaround nsxgif

In-game screenshots
Untitled Untitled2 Untitled3Untitled4lights

You can download and play the game here:


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