BallisticNG Circuits

I had the chance to design and build major official levels for BallisticNG’s campaign during it’s development. I created two racing circuits for the game, from the ground up – design, layout, lore, 3D model, and in-game animated scene with supporting assets. Here are 3D turnarounds and flythroughs for both maps.

Aciknovae Circuit

Aciknovae circuit was constructed as part of the redevelopment of the old Aciknovae Projects, a derelict industrial zone in the outer suburbs of 2159 New York. The redevelopment prioritised green space and residential support, with some minor high technology and commercial areas in the mix. The circuit takes advantage of the extreme height variation in the terrain, and the factories and warehouses of the old district are visible in certain spots where the track dips below ground level.

Marina Rush Circuit

Marina Rush is located on the coast of Sao Vicente and Santos, in the São Paulo State of Brazil. It was constructed primarily as a tourist attraction; the course is close to the metropolitan city, and the area is a commercial strip, surrounding the course with malls, resorts, stadiums, and other attractions. The course is quite short and compact compared to other AGL circuits. As the course is near to Campinas, Team Caliburn often come here to test.



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